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Saturday, May 31

Are You Running or Dancing?

As I drove home from work last night, I tuned into an evening broadcast called - Tropical Beat. A strange blend of drums and vocals filled the truck. African safari kind of music. I had no idea what the song was saying but the rhythm was uplifting. And even though I was totally exhausted, I found myself cruising to the beat. It was energizing.

Music touches us on a primitive level – rhythm. That’s what makes it so powerful. Dr. Oliver Sack’s new book expands on this idea. He believes we can listen with our muscles. So even if you’re not tapping your toe while running, your muscles are paying attention to the song's rhythm. “It animates us.”
I am a firm believer in using music as a collaborator. We can run faster and train longer.
So up-load the tunes and try listening to a new genre.

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