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Sunday, June 29

Drug Screen Harassment?

Ben Johnson. Wiki imageOur local paper is doing a magnificent job of covering the Track and Field Olympic trials. Each day they have added a full section in the paper, including interviews, results, photos and opinions.
Today, I read with dismay the article on the rigors drug screening for top finishers. What they have to endure seems a little over the top to me.
For the urine sample: [Quote from the paper]
“The athlete is required to expose him or herself from the mid torso to mid thigh. Providing a clear view to the observer." Tim Christie The Register Guard

Speaking from personal experience, I had to provide a urine sample as part of employment regulations... After proof of identification I was handed gloves and a cup, then instructed to leave the door open so they could hear me…
I find the whole process of drug testing degrading. It’s ashamed we must all be treated this way just because a few have felt it was OK to be involved with drugs.

"Viagra is not on the International Olympic Committee's list of prohibited drugs."

A special kudos to the paper’s photographers for the top notch photos taken!!!

Image Ben Johnson 1988 Olympics (wiki)