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Wednesday, July 2

Capture The Hill

I had been dreaming… sliding down a sandy cliff – the sand between my toes. This was much nicer than running uphill on hard pavement for a mile.
Alas, the Butte To Butte race does not have any sandy cliffs - just a grueling 1 mile beast.

Butte To Butte July 4th, 2008
Eugene, Oregon
If you succeed in actually propelling your body up and over the crest you can coast in a downward fashion for the rest of the 5 or so miles.
Last time I ran this race, I made two unfortunate mistakes:
Taking off to fast and then taking on the hill like a 100 meter sprinter.
This year I shall respect the hill (Donald Street Hill) and bow down with a deliberate saunter...then take off like a rocket.
I will beat the last time of 55 mins!

Good Luck to all the runners in there July 4 races! I see some big prize money at the Peachtree this year.