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Saturday, June 7

The Importance of Running Roots

sky and bird

We all have aches and pains and injuries; (please don’t say that word out loud) but during my runs I don’t focus on them. As an older runner I accept these feelings as part of the process. I’M A RUNNER.

, the early years of my running tribulations are always simmering on the back burner. How I gasped for breath; how my lungs burned, as I attempted to run a single block. I would get up while it was still dark to run – so no one could see what a washout I was. These memories are important. They remind me how far I’ve come and how I never gave up.

Heather shares her beginnings in an article called, “A Runner is Born”. I especially love the wisdom in her conclusion.

I could do this. As long as I had faith, I could be a runner."

Today's Run

Quality of Run: Average
Total Miles: 5.2
Type of Workout: 10K pace
Feel Good Stretch: 2 knee spinal twist
a stray black cat
crosses the road