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Monday, June 9

Watching Others Run - GPS

"We know GPS gadgets can tell where you are. But researchers at Microsoft are developing ways for them to know what you are doing too – even down to which mode of transport you use to get to work.” -- New Scientist

In the near future we will be able to track people actually doing their run. The posting of routes after your run will be so blasé.
Can you imagine starting the day by watching others stream across the continent - like fireflies in the dark.
Not only will you see the location and route but their speed and rest stops. (Yes, some runners do stop at red lights.)
But will we actual want to take part in this global aggregation?

"The researchers say such new uses of the technology could help people analyze and improve their own lifestyles, and share useful data with others." New Scientist

Talk about becoming part of the hive. I’m starting to feel more and more like 01110 - combinadic!

On the other hand, nothing like having an audience cheer you on!

Google Earth
Just a dot for now.