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Tuesday, June 24

Runners Who Fly


You know the feeling, stuck at an airport waiting for your flight. You usually arrival hours before your actual departure time because federal regulations generate long tedious line-ups. (Most days.)
Hours of time… you could have been running.
I believe, now that the terminals are so massive, there is no excuse not to have a track installed. They would be tailored for folks like us that want to walk, or even run a few casual laps.

  • Grassy track preferred but a nice spongy rubber pad would be OK.
  • Possible Wii Fit stations along the way.
  • Mile markers – ¼ mile increments – so you can track your distance.
  • Storage lockers to put All Your Stuff.
  • Water fountains.
  • Memberships including perky t-shirts with the airport logo on the back. You could start a collection. (Don’t tell NIKE)
  • Sky light – so you can pretend your outside.
  • Feel refreshed during the plane ride. (Just don’t over do it and get all sweaty.)
  • Decrease the chance of inflight blood clots.
  • And most important…that wonderful feeling that you were able to log a few more miles!