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Monday, July 28

For Females Only

I see a lot of contradictory material online regarding female running and their cycles.

[Menstrual Cycle]

Here is a sampling of what I found:

“Female runners train differently than men. It may look the same on paper, but female runners are constantly ebbing and flowing through the phases [and hormones] of each cycle. It’s not better or worse, it’s just different.”
*If you think inconsistency is beneficial - yeah. But, HEY it’s not better!

“Consider it a cutback week for your running and a Spa break for your body.”
*Akin to a day on the rack?

“If you are scheduled to have your cycle on race day be prepared. There are plenty of fanny packs to carry products. You can also tape it to the back of your race number.”
*Yeah right – you can also slip one under your cap. Note - not a good time to try out a running skirt.

“I ran my fastest and easiest marathon on the first day of my period.”
*She must be a member of some New Guinea tribe.

“Nowadays it is not considered a taboo to run during a period.”
*Welcome women to the 21st century!

“The main inconvenience of the period on running is bleeding (discomfort of running with sanitary wear.) "
* Optional - run with BLACK padded cycling pants and/or maternity pads…

“So the bottom line is stop feeling sorry for yourself when it’s that time of the month again, get out of the door and go for a run!”
* Ouch – this one really hits below the belt. Probably written by a guy. How about a little compassion?

The truth is:
Running while bleeding can be painful, messy and totally inconvenient! But heading out - even just a short run/walk really does make you feel better.

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