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Saturday, July 26

Running With Purpose

Did a little digging into The Furman Institute of Running FIRST. (Variety is the spice of life.)
I have not read the book – Run Less Run Faster – yet.
But from Information gleamed from their site and Amazon I discovered:

  • their philosophy is that most runners run without a purpose.
  • their workouts include 3 quality runs and 2 cross-training events per week.
  • the week (10K) includes 2 hard runs and one long distance run.
I’m not sure I totally agree with this model. As a recreational runner – who enjoys the challenge of local races – 2 hard workouts a week is asking for INJURY.
As for runners not running with a purpose… Too many runners are pushing themselves to the limit and end up deflated and worse yet, injured.
I do agree with the cross-training component. I am a big fan of cross-training. Different muscles come into play when you change activities giving you an all-over workout. I’m positive the gym visits, walking, stretching and biking have prevented many running related injuries.
And - I do like their interval training schedule. I will follow that part of the plan for awhile. 6x400 with 1 min RI Sweet!

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