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Wednesday, July 23

Soon - Olympic Events to Watch

clip artOnly 15 days till the start of the summer Olympics in Beijing.
The NBC network will be streaming online videos of all the action. You have to first install a viewer by Microsoft called Silverlight.
(Not sure I will be able to watch on MyMac Book...) Then, apparently with this software, you will be able to watch several events all at once - depending on your bandwidth and system.
I just watched one of their videos on Ryan Hall. There's a commentary on his life including a clip of his enthusiastic victory wave after running 26 miles - becoming one of our Olympians. Totally Inspiring!
In this year’s Olympics there are 26 running events, and I’m going to try and watch all of them on television or streaming video online.

What’s your favorite event to watch? A little table tennis action, some diving, or beach babe volleyball?

The USA Track&Field Team going to China. (I count 5 from Eugene, Oregon!)