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Saturday, August 16

I Have A New Idol

Boomers love headlines like this. As if by some miracle Dara Torres ended up in this great condition. Swimming faster than a 16 year old.
I know for sure it was not just genes that turned her into a barracuda. It was hard work!
Her day had begun just after dawn in the weight room, where she worked her legs until they quivered and her arms until they ached — the 90-minute workout was the first leg of her training triathlon. It was followed by 90 minutes of swimming and 60 minutes of stretching.”
That’s 4 hours of training.

Like any fan I’m totally jealous of her fortitude and her six pack. But after watching her video clip on stretching, it’s her flexibility that really stuns me. Wow - she is the real thing!

PS. I did do 40 sit-ups this morning now if I could just pull my left leg up to my shoulder...
Dara Torres media videos
2008 SwimCam

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