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Tuesday, August 19

Starting a Clean Slate

runnerkara schedule Photoshop
When I start a running program I always print out a blank schedule like the one in the picture above.
It is a canvas.
  • to record my results.
  • to plan the week.
  • to scribble or erase.
  • to highlight with bright colors.
  • to anoint with coffee or happy face stickers.
It lives on a clip board near my desk. There is no ignoring what I have to do next or where I will be going….And most importantly, it authenticates what I have accomplished.
Jeff Galloway praises note taking. He suggests a journal can reward you with that pleasing sense of completion.
In one of his recent books he dedicated a whole chapter to it. “Your Journal Will Inspire You.”
I know online logs are paramount for storing and recovering data. I’m currently using Breaking the Tape. But a durable piece of paper and trusty pen are like having an open track – anything is possible!

Leonardo da Vinci had over 7000 pages of notes he gleamed from everyday activities.


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