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Saturday, August 30


The Big Trees

“Outdoor activities have declined by 18-25 percent since 1980s.”

In the last issue of Nature Conservancy there’s an article subtitled,
“Is There Room for Nature in a Digital Age?”
Herds of humans observe nature from the safe confines of home. (Nature video junkies.) But will this replace the actual emersion into nature?
One of The conservancy’s chief scientists was quoted; This trend is more foreboding than tropical-forest loss or global warming.
I don’t profess to be an outdoor fanatic. But, I sense when I’m running down a path in the woods, that I actually belong there. I love that feeling!
Perhaps humans are evolving into a pack of indoorsman…This could be a good thing for us who are happiest outdoors.

Benefits (IMHO)
  • Less trash in the landscape. Insiders would have a conveyor belt directly under their chair - transporting trash to a centralized underground repository.
  • No crowds any season for camping, hiking, beachcombing, sailing, trail running…etc.
  • Peace and quiet. Insiders would work from home – only venturing out occasionally to visit friends.
  • Animals would be free to survive as anticipated.
What do you think will happen to us as we move away from actuality?

PS. I don’t expect to see the completion of this metamorphosis during my life time.

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