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Monday, September 1

More or Less a Labyrinth


Today was a long slow run day. But the sight of that empty track drew me in like a magnetic field.
The laps were casual. And I begin thinking about an article on Labyrinths I had read.
“A labyrinth has a single path winding toward the center, which is visible anywhere from the circuit’s perimeter.”
I know the track is not designed like a labyrinth but it does outline paths to follow. It provides an oval circular motion that, for me, can induce a running meditation. (Unless, of course, I'm trying to break an Olympic record.)

In the article, she mentions three stages you can employ:

At the beginning, “just let go.”

Somewhere near the midpoint. Open yourself up, acceptance.

Let problem solving ideas transform... inspiring you as you re-enter your day.

Have a great day – I know I am!

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