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Saturday, August 23

Not Another Earbud Review

Like most runners – I have gone through a number of earpod headphones. Admittedly, they take a lot of heat, thrashing and sweat.
I wish deciding on a new pair was more straightforward!
Why can’t we try them out before buying! Unfortunately - due to strict hygiene polices this option is rarely available.
So, we carry on the best we can… We read thousands of reviews – which end up being more confusing then helpful. And grill total strangers on what they are currently using.

This time I ended up with a pair by Philips. ($50 range)

  • Nice high notes. Even the FM is clear.
  • Good depth. Bass apparently resonates from the back of each ear piece?
  • Nice and light in the ear.
  • Has detachable rubber ear plugs that come in 3 sizes.
  • The cable is actually too light / thin – it tangles!
  • Not sure how long it will last with my gorilla like finesse.
  • Cable is interrupted with an extension plug. I guess for people who wear their players on their arms. I actually saw a hat with an ipod holder...
  • So with just one run on them – 6.5/10