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Monday, August 25

To Roam Free

kara image Portland
During my run today, I couldn’t clear my head of recent headline news.
Scenes of a new born baby elephant crying for its mother.
It was born in captivity at the Portland Zoo Aug 23. Zoo officials had to separate the pair at birth as the Mother was being too aggressive towards it.
[Perhaps she knows what a sad existence it will have to endure – if it survives...]
I am able to run free and roam for as far as I need. Sadly these large animals can not. In the wild they typically cover up to 30 miles a day…
From an article the Portland Monthly Magazine - the zoo’s director concluded they are a necessary attraction. I think not! Please don't keep them just to bring in dollars for the zoo. There are places willing to accept them. Organizations such as PAWS and Riddles Elephant Sanctuary. (I send yearly donations to these wonderful folks.)
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