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Monday, August 11

Tailgate Primer

With every race you see similar pre-race activities...
Runners staking out a place to park. Runners dressing or undressing. Runners warming up.
I suggest setting up a tailgate party. Most runners arrive early anyways. And wouldn’t this alleviate some of those pre-race jitters?

  • A Frisbee for warm ups.
  • Mats with pillows. (For the runners who need to catch a few more zzzs.)
  • Hacky Sack?
  • Sturdy stool for thigh stretching and re- lacing of shoes.
  • A mirror! You know how difficult it is pinning on your race # while looking in the side mirror.
  • Big clock – preferably digital. (I don't know about you, but starting late is never a good thing.)
  • Crucial items such as cheerios, pretzels, M&Ms and Kisses.
  • Beverages to include water, coffee - virgin drinks?

Please suggest some of your pre-race necessities!