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Saturday, September 27

Ready for Some Optimism

I am well known for being a pessimist - so you’ll understand why I love this quote so much.

The optimist fell ten stories.
At each window bar
He shouted to his friend:
“All right so far!”

Definition: Pessimist
Stresses the negative or unfavorable or takes the gloomiest possible view.

This is the usual mindset I have while racing. Even after running races for over 22 years – I seldom feel, with every mile, that I’m doing my best.
Now I’ve reached the point where I’m just trying to maintain last year’s PR – not beat it.

Possible Mind Shift Ideas
  • Take racing for what it is – mind over matter.
  • Realize you’re in great shape! Not suffering from any injuries.
  • Feel the gift you have. You can run for miles.
  • Enjoy the comradery of other runners – of all ages.
  • Feast on the free bananas and oranges ; 0
  • Most importantly – give thanks and soak up that post race glow.
Sunday’s race – 8K Fall Celebration!