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Thursday, September 25

Looking for Balance

I caught a few minutes of Martha Stewart yesterday. (I always have the TV on while I’m working in the kitchen.) One of her segments was on Yoga.
Martha and her yoga instructor did few rather quick stretching routines. What amazed me was the agility of her guest! She wasn’t a super thin or muscular woman - but she was incredibly flexible! (Wrapping leg behind head, etc...) All of her poses also displayed a skilled control over balance.
I run, bike, walk and lift weights. But what I really need to do is more exercises that promote balance, coordination and flexibility.
(I already tried Qigong but found it to S L O W = boring.)
Can you do a one-legged squat without falling over?

I’m looking for suggestions. Are there any videos or site material you can recommend? (When I Googled balance exercises, I got a lot of hits with senior workouts - no, no not yet...

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