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Friday, November 28

Post Race Review

Another Turkey trot under my belt. I’ve run this race for 8 years in a row! It has become a very popular race / tradition with over 1400 runners and walkers attending.
Unfortunately the start tends to be very slow as too many people are squeezed into a single street.
As I point of courtesy, I never stand in the very front – not even close. I know I can’t run a 5 min mile. So it took about 5 minutes to work our way through the slower crowd. (And you know just how precious those minutes are when you cross the finish line:)
Other than that - the race fell into the splendid category - no rain, small hills and an energetic crowd. It was great to see the number of kids running too - Good job!
(I just heard on the news 1 in 3 American children are overweight…)

Focal Points

  • No post race snacks - I guess they thought everyone would be eating +++ later. (And they were right!)
  • Best running shirt quote: "It's what you do after the pain sets in.”
  • Speechless - watching the fastest runner pass – the speed, the expression.
  • Placed in my category – but didn’t hang around for the awards.
  • Post race Okra hash browns. (Thanks FS – outstanding as usual : )

eugene, oregon

Race Winner 5K
Eric Lynch - 1/60 - M19-24 - Eugene - OR - 15:20 - 4:56