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Wednesday, January 14

The Deltoideus

I did not run on all fours today but with every step I could feel my shoulders. (No, I wasn't joggling either.)
The result of too many pull-overs and floor presses with the Kettlebell yesterday.
After checking with Wiki, I discovered that the size of the deltoid muscle is massive!

"The Deltoideus (Deltoid muscle) is a large, thick, triangular muscle, which covers the shoulder-joint in front, behind, and laterally. - Henry Gray"
I had no idea that it encompassed the top, back and front of the shoulder. Or that it is divided into anterior, posterior and lateral zones. Will someone please massage my posterior deltoid now?
Gray's Shoulder
I have to admit the shoulder discomfort and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcast took my mind off all the miles passing by...
Colleen’s podcast was on animals testing. I had to fast forward some parts as images of tortured animals stay with me.
BTW - I’ve been checking my cosmetics, shampoos and lotions for this bunny symbol.