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Monday, January 12

Lance Continues to Inspire

It seems lately Lance Armstrong’s face is everywhere.
[My latest issue of Outside.]

Lance Armstrong
Last September, he confirmed he was going to re-enter the racing circuit which included the 2009 Tour de France !
He’s battled with cancer – now he’s taking on the aging process. At 37 he’s heading back into completion with an attitude I just love .

“For me, at my age, athletics is more metaphysical than physical. I’m 37. I prove to myself and others that I can still compete and I hope I can inspire others along the way.” - Lance
He states his main reason for his comeback is to promote his cancer charity organization LiveStrong. I know one thing - he’s an inspiration for cancer victims!

Thanks Lance for giving us all hope.
Good Luck in the Tour Down Under – next week.

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