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Thursday, January 29

False Start

start gunLaughter is a good thing - especially nowadays when everything we listen to is doom and gloom.
This post at Jeff Galloway’s blog made me laugh. Apparently, at one of his lectures he had an incident with one of the guest speakers. It was some muscle guy promoting weight training. Prompted by an audience question, the guest blurted out, "Quite honestly, I don't want to look like Jeff Galloway." Read the full post and see a picture of Jeff here -> What is the funniest running story that's happened to you?

One of my stories:
I was a participant at a large race in Davis, California. There were many 5k and 10k participants. A few of us had no idea it was a staggered start with the 5ks starting first. As the crowd started running, I joined in. This was in the pre iPod days so people were actually chatting with each other... Someone said, "Is this the 10k group?" I looked around - about 10 people yelled out, "The 10K runners start after us!" A couple of us looked around sheepishly and then turned around - running back to the start line. As we neared the line - we pretended we were just warming up... :D

What's one of your funniest running stories? Post in the comments or link to your blog post.