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Saturday, January 31

Tech4o Watch Review

Thanks Tech4o for sending me a running watch to review. Unfortunately, this review might be a tad biased as I already have an ongoing addiction with a Garmin Forerunner 305.

Tech 4 O Acelerator Pulse Womens Watch
with heart rate monitor chest strap.

Took it out on a 2 mile walk after I calibrated my walking and running strides. [This took a considerable amount of concentration - as I kept losing count of my steps and had to start over!]

  • It looks nice!
  • Has a big number display.
  • Comes with a 34 page manual.
  • Has a power saving mode - you can actual put the watch to sleep when not using it.
  • Chronograph mode saves up to 50 laps.
  • Has a calories burned display.
  • They have an online manual.
  • Difficultly setting it up. (And I’m very savvy with these kinds of things ; )
  • Never did figure out Exercise History mode.
  • It has 11 menus to scroll through.
  • Heart rate monitor did not pick up until I returned home.
  • The normal sensitivity did not work for me. I guess I don’t swing my arms enough. So took about a half mile to re-calibrate this setting.
Summing up:
I guess I'm totally spoiled with my Garmin Forerunner. I can glance down and see distance and speed at one glance. And best of all; I can come home - upload the data and goggle over my run in Google Earth.
Now if NIKE needs a shoe tested, send me an email. I just noticed I have 386 miles on my current shoes.
PS. I have a HM race coming up in 3 months!