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Monday, February 2

100 Meter Run - Almost!

100 yd = 91.44 m

James Harrison 92
Like a steam engine, he heaved, puffing down the field to the end zone for a touchdown. [It helps when you have just intercepted the ball.]
James Harrison ran the entire field – a Super bowl record!
As he languished on the ground for a few minutes in the end field, I wondered what he was thinking about. “How fast did I run that 100 meters?” or “I was one lucky SOB to make that play!” ;0
Whatever, it was astonishing to me, that James Harrison could run that fast down the entire length of the field. This bulky guy is 6-0 tall and weighs 242 lbs. His thighs are probably the size of my waist. Though, I did notice, after the play - on the sidelines, he was puffing away on an oxygen mask…
"Those last couple of yards was probably tougher than anything I've gone through my life," Harrison said.
List of the fastest 100 meter runners. [Think less than 10 seconds.)

Above image from YouTube Clip [Harrison #92]

Have a great Monday - recover.