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Monday, February 16

Are You Connected?

mind“Centuries ago, Western culture lost its focus on the interconnectedness between the body and the mind or spirit, and how each has the power to affect the other.”
The older I get, the more in tune I’ve become with my body. Somehow, when I was young, I lost the mind - body connection. I could easily ignore, pain, tiredness, hunger, etc. and still carry on. It was like being in survival mode - the ability to adapt was to disconnect!
Now, I take special attention to what my body is saying.
Running - I feel a twinge between my shoulder blades, I stop, pull my arms upwards and stretch.
Tired in the afternoon - I curl up with a book for 20 minutes.

The body gives out all sorts of messages - if you just listen.
However don't be fooled by your mind. It is a very clever entity...OOO you’re so tired - OK, I’ll just head home. Or OOO just one more chocolate - no one is looking! These are thoughts you should ignore ;}

Are you connected?

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