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Saturday, March 28

10 Miler

A few pictures I took along the way.

  1. I tuck my key under my shoelaces. I know there has to be a better way.
  2. I tried out this drink from Odwalla --> “Protein Monster.” I cut it with soya milk because it was too sweet!
  3. I see a Ferris wheel in the mall parking lot.
  4. On the first lap, there were a lot of runners. I figure they were with some running group – not a race, as they had no race bibs on. A few had CamelBaks on – so I guess they were out for awhile.
  5. My little white truck – to take me home!
Thankful For:
  1. No rain.
  2. Seeing other runners – I run alone.
  3. The cheery disposition of the RunRunLive podcast. Thanks Chris
  4. The Americano on my way home.
  5. My body – for taking me again, on another journey.