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Tuesday, March 31

Shoe Saving Measures

Now with all this talk about saving money – let’s focus on our shoe allowance.

Two important Questions:

How much did you spend on runners last year? And how long did those shoes last?

"The rule of thumb is usually about 500 to 700 miles is a good distance to replace your shoes."

The life of your runner depends on:

  • Your body weight – I’m a bantamweight.
  • How many miles – I’ve got 43 miles on pair #3, 477 miles on #2 and 460 miles on #1.
  • Your foot strike - So far I have no issues.
  • The type of shoe – trail runners versus flats.
  • What surface you usually run on. I run on a mixed terrain and avoid cement.
  • Keeping them clean. I have been known to throw them in the washer on the gentle cold cycle when I want them to look spiffy for a race. I also sweep them off with this Whisk.
whisk broom

Tips on runner care:

  • Spray on a Waterproof spray before you take them outside. (I have never done this!)
  • Shoe cleaning foam?
  • Replace the insole after 100 miles. Sounds like a good idea.
  • Make sure you facilitate the drying of your shoes! If they are wet, tilt them over and place them somewhere warm. I’ve even stuffed them with newspaper to absorb the moisture. [I think shoe dryers are for the rich and famous.]
  • Rotate your shoes. I really believe this accounts for the long life of my runners.
  • Did I mention throwing them in the washing machine?

How do you extend the life of your runners?