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Wednesday, March 11

A Late Breakfast

Wednesday’s 9 miler
I headed out a little later than usual for my run. Primary excuses: it’s only 25f outside and frost covers everything, plus my internal clock insists it’s only 7 AM – not 8. (I miss that hour!)
Diligently packed up my goodies – juice, soya milk, water, a handful of chocolate covered raisins, - cell phone, MP3 player, Garmin , and some cash - then jumped in the little truck.
I like to do my long runs along the river path – it’s perfect for an out and back. But unfortunately, I have to drive to get there... Half-way along I realized I had forgotten my gloves - Luckily I had my black shirt on with extra long sleeves.
I started off a little fast (to stay warm) – then found a steady cruising pace.

Podcasts: Listened to 3 useful podcasts – One had an interview with Jeff Galloway (Love his accent.) Thanks Michael for the tweet. The other had an interview with Jon Gordon "The Energy Bus." Positively uplifting.
And finally a LOST podcast - prophesying – who/what is the statue. Good stuff.

Wildlife: Lots of Canadian geese, a few ducks and crows. Three silvery tailed squirrels – beautiful! And a homeless fellow sitting cross legged on the path...sunning himself.

Highlights: The halfway mark.
River Path
EWEB Tower

The only problemo with park and run - is your muscles tend to stiffen up on the drive home. So to palliate this problem I picked up a double shot Americano.
Breakfast time – High noon!