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Saturday, April 4

Jogger - not a Runner?

Just finished off an informative article in this month's Runner’s World on Kara Goucher, my namesake. And, after going over her daily routines, I feel totally unqualified to call myself a runner.


Kara G is 30 years old.

Kara R is older!
Sometimes runs twice a day.
Feels lucky to run once a day.
Runs everyday when training.
Runs 3-4 times a week -> 52 weeks year.
Has been known to wear a 10 pound vest running.
Owns a fleecy vest she wears in the winter.
Has a fancy treadmill.
Has a sturdy elliptical in her bedroom.
Listens to Nickelback.
Listens to Nickelback.
Strength training nearly every day.
Goes to the gym once a week – Swings the Kettlebell twice a week.
Wears bun shorts.
Wears shorts with 3 inch inseam.
Has a massage therapist.
Gets a daily massage from FS : )
Has a sports psychologists.
Reads twitter updates by other runners.
Eats eggs and cheese, or oatmeal for breakfast.
Eats oatmeal, Cream of Wheat with raisins and toast!
Takes Ice baths.
Soaks in Hot baths with a LUSH soap presence.
Takes easy runs on Sundays.
Never runs on Sundays. (Unless it's a race day!)

Maybe I should change my handle from runnerkara to joggerkara?

Good Luck Kara Goucher at The Boston Marathon.