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Thursday, April 16

Running Blogs – How and Why? TiaRT

This week’s theme at Runner's Lounge TIaRT is.... Running Blogs - How and Why? Share your tips for how you use your blog to help your running. Talk about how/why you started, what keeps you blogging and how you use it to keep you running.


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You can keep track of your runs on various sites (like MapMyRun) but if you want to explore your own reasons for running (and living) I recommend keeping a personal blog also.
I’ve been using the Blogger platform since 2/17/03. It was choppy in the beginning and you had to host your own images. But now, I highly recommend them. (Despite the Google involvement.)
They have evolved into a very friendly user mechanism for blogging. There are lots of layouts to choose from plus you can easily personalize them with your own style. They use Picasa to store your images which can be directly posted in your blog. And all of this is FREE!
Two other components I like about Blogger is the search bar – great for recollecting moments like this. The other is their tag system - they call Labels. A very easy system to file your data. Links to any tags you list can be included in your post - giving readers the option to explore.


I started this Blog – Between the Miles to keep track of my progress while training for my first half marathon. It not only helped me stay on course : ) but the comments I received spurred me onward.
Being able to write down problems enables me to collaborate with runners who have more expertise than I. This rich pool of resources is not only helpful but reveals – "you are not alone!"
But I’d have to say, the number one reason I continue to blog is the gift of encouragement I receive from all my readers. (Thank-you!)