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Monday, May 18

I Love Outside

Outside MagazineWho needs Runner’s World when you have Outside!
Reasons I Love Outside
They cover all the bases – hiking, biking, fitness - real nice pictures, must go destinations and even book reviews!
(Plus - Very little marathon chatter.)
This months issue includes the much anticipated

Part Two – The pillars of fitness.

I really like the weekly workout suggestions:

Good old LSD - Apparently not as renowned as it once was.
Core and Strength Work – Done on days you are NOT running! (Like twice a week.)
Intervals - Including max (fast) and threshold (still fast) levels.
Started this challenging workout today! I will include just one interval session a week – then work up to 2, as suggested, if I don’t injured or exhausted.

Pick up this months issue for details. Outside May 2009

Part one: Building a Base is online.

an old white dog
in the shade