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Thursday, May 21

Eat This

This week’s theme at Runner's Lounge TIaRT is.... Runners version of Eat This Not That.
Eating and running go hand in hand. Food is the fuel for action and the matrix for recovery.

"As most of you know I have been vegetarian for about 15 years. I won’t attempt to deliver a sermon on how healthy a vegetarian diet is for your body, but just know it is a healthy and rewarding lifestyle."
Oatmeal vs. Corn Flakes
Bowl of Cornflakes Protein 2g
Bowl of Oatmeal protein 5g

I always feel satisfied after a bowl of oatmeal. (You can’t say that about cornflakes.) I avoid the instant variety as it is too sweet. Old fashioned oats cook in about 4 minutes in the MW. Make sure to use a large bowl to avoid boiling over bowl mess incidents. To increase the benefits, you can add your own amount of sweetener and other good things like raisins, cinnamon, nuts, soya milk…

Almonds vs. M&Ms
22 Almonds dry roasted 169 cals, fat 15g, sugar 1g, protein 6g
M&Ms 1.6 ounce (1 small bag) 240 cals fat 10g, sugar 31g, protein 2g

I can’t say enough about almonds. They are one of my staples. They satisfy, are portable and easy to digest. And contain tryptophan an essential amino acid.

Banana vs. Cranberry Juice
1 Banana 100 cals, sodium 0, carbs 27g, protein 1g
Cranberry cocktail - 1 cup 137 cals, carbs 34g, protein 0g

I have never met a runner who didn’t like bananas! They are best right after a run – easy to digest, giving you a much needed boost from the carbs. Juice is a quick fix – but to reap the full benefits of the fruit (fiber & nutrients) – eat the fruit!

Above Nutritional Data
Another benefit of eating fruits and vegetables – Longevity!