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Tuesday, June 2

Juneathon Day 2 Biking

I want outside! Some mornings that’s the only thing I want. A primordial instinct perhaps. Remembering that we used to sleep under the stars or if it was raining,
in caves ; )
So instead of climbing on the elliptical, I took the bike out for a spin. Rode 5.3 miles – enjoyed the 2 to 3 mile stretch!

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spent an unreasonable amount of time going over the 100 push-ups training schedule. (Weeks 1 through 6) The more I read, the harder this endeavor appeared. (One way to prepare yourself for failure - read the last page first.)
Managed the first 5 sets – hard work! Twisted my neck checking my form in the wall mirror. (No sagging!) Easier going down then coming up! Felt a slight discomfort in both wrists.

“If you don’t work your muscles, they will atrophy, especially as you grow older.” – Gina Kolata NYT

What is a Juneathon?