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Monday, June 1


Juneathon banner
A perfect challenge to start working on my weaknesses. And it’s only a month long so I won't be setting myself up for disappointmentville.
The challenge is to run or exercise every day for a month and blog about it!
I will include the 100 push-ups training program - which I've been avoiding which I will attempt on my non-run days. I know, I have wimpy triceps…

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Juneathon Day 1
Despite the warmer morning temp I had an energizing run. I tend to run best on Mondays – not sure why. Ran 4.8 miles – out and back. Interweaving between the neighborhood streets. I tucked in a few 100 yard accelerations. Discovered a patch of “Lily of the Valley” that was not in bloom yet. I made a mental note of the street so I could return later. Their scent is hypnotic. Passed along the usually street walkers and their dogs – and the old couple still holding hands. (They must be over 80!)
Finished up with my usual stretches – 40 sit-ups, coffee and a bowl of cheerios with fresh blueberries and one red strawberry, from my garden that was not quite ripe.