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Saturday, May 30

Validate Weakness

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What are your weaknesses and what are you doing about them?

“Unfortunately, the only way to address a weakness is to work on it and go through the discomfort and shame.”
- Facing Your Own Weakness
I honestly think half of the battle is to validate your failure or weakness. We (humans) tend to think we are in much better condition than we actually are. [Super Funny]

I have used my 4 components of fitness to scrutinize my weaknesses.

I don’t have a running coach so not sure how fast I should be pacing my training runs. I believe I train too hard! I exhaust myself and then feel bad because I'm so tired at the end of my workout. And so the cycle goes.

Doing too much – especially when I go to the gym. I feel I have to work out every muscle. By the afternoon – I’m dead tired.

I eat to much chocolate! And other sweets stuff. Hooked at an early age – I blame my Mom for pacifying me with milk and cookies.

This one is easy for me to identify. My tiny triceps. Because they are weak – I don’t enjoy any moves that employ them. Ex. Dips, kickbacks, or push-ups.

Now I have to get working on some solutions…any ideas?