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Wednesday, June 17

Running with the Wild

During my local runs, the only wildlife I see – beside birds, are squirrels. I see a lot of squirrels. They can be smart or not so smart – daredevils. They can be crazy fools, and end up as road kill.

I had a chance to run along side one today. He was on the fence; I was on the path. As I slowed to let him jump off – he slowed… He stayed right beside me till the end of the line. He must have thought I carried food, or perhaps he was eyeing my pony tail.
Anyways, my encounter doesn’t even come close to Ali’s experience.

  • “Today I had one of the most incredible runs of my whole life. One of those runs where you feel like a Kenyan, sprinting in the wind... one of those runs where you feel alive, and invincible. A once in a blue moon run. Today, I ran with a deer.”
Please read the rest of her post here.
And thanks ali for sharing your awesome run.

Juneathon Day 17
Running 6.1 miles
Sit-ups 3x10
Squirrel count 5