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Tuesday, June 16

Not Giving Up

“Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure.”
– Rocky

I repeated the first week of the 100 pushups ( part of the Juneathon challenge) in the foolish belief that it would get easier.
It didn’t. I struggled with the full push-up. My left shoulder and trap ached continually...
So instead of giving up, I'm shifting to the Bent knee push-ups.
MizFit says don’t call them girl push-ups!
[But, I’ve never seen guys doing them this way?]
Someday I hope to advance to the Maltese push-up!

Juneathon Day 16
Powerwalking 2.18 miles
[Week 2] 100 pushups, 4,6,4,4,6
3x20 lunges

What is a Juneathon?