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Thursday, June 4

What's Your Vit D Level?


Raining, a good day to stay indoors and curl up with a book.
Or pop a vitamin D. I had my level taken recently despite explaining to my Doctor – “I’m an outside kind of person.”
The results showed I was low in the normal range. It might be due to the fact that I don’t eat meat or fish but more likely, the way I lather on sunscreen religiously.

"Sunscreens block vitamin D manufacture and decrease natural production even more. In addition, individuals with darker skin make less vitamin D after the same level of sun exposure as a person with lighter skin. Sunscreens decrease natural production of vitamin D even more." - That's Fit

Vitamin D: The Real Deal

Juneathon Day 4 Elliptical
Tolerated 30 minutes on the elliptical. I warmed-up for 10 – by not using the handles. Airport 1975 was on the TV.
Completed the Day 2 seqence of the 100 push-ups. 16 total - w00t. Feeling it in the posterior deltoids.

What is a Juneathon?