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Monday, July 27

Beach Running – Divine!

Absolutely no regrets. Racing on the beach was divine. The expansive running surface was solid with just the right amount of give. There were no logs or jetties to transverse, just miles and miles of beach.
But there was coastal fog...

The fog stood still as the runners found their way to the start line.

I purposely ran without my player. The only sounds; my tread in the sand and the distant crashing surf.
{I have never finished a race where I wanted to turn around at the finish line and repeat.}

At the finish line the sun was already breaking through – patches of fog broke off and rolled away.

Interestingly enough I saw no one running barefoot... My shoes and socks came off right after the race so I could step into the Pacific Ocean.

The snacks included sandwiches (some were marked V for vegetarian) muffins, apples, outdated Power Bars and pretzels. I was ravenous.

The post race crowd was small and loosely knit. However, there was a collective awe of appreciation and gratefulness shared between us.
What a fine day it was!

Favorite Shirt Quote “The Older I Get The Faster I Was”
Race Chatter - “Are you a photojournalist?” (I was taking pictures with my cell phone: )