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Thursday, August 20

Fear of Getting Lost

Not far ahead, the path parted and the familiar slipped away…
As I send in my registration form for my first trail race in the woods. (See below) I hesitate, perhaps my fears are purely speculative.

ridgeline trail google maps

For it is not the falling, getting dirty or the lack of proper gear that is holding me back – It’s the fear of getting lost and then looking like a fool.
I emailed the race director, asking him if it was an OK race for beginners. He said it was fairly easy and very scenic.
No mention of any lost runners from last year...
Surely, they will have markers along the way.
My growing Checklist:
  • Bring a trail map. (I’m going to need bigger pockets.)
  • Carry a cell phone and turn on the Garmin.
  • Run with elbows tucked in.
  • Don’t shuffle. (Me – prancing.)
  • Look out for low branches and giant spider webs.
  • Just try and keep your eyes on the trail – not the scenery.
I do know - I’m physically ready for this challenge!

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