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Wednesday, September 23

Five L's and Running

Barrie Greiff – has written about the Five L’s of Success. (Personal habits that correlate with health and happiness.) His principals can be applied to everything – even running.


There is not a day goes by that I do not read something new or interesting in one of the many running fitness blogs I read. The internet connection has given us a way to share and learn. It might be advice from a professional runner or lessons learned from trial and error...
When I see a fast runner competing – I realize two things:
They didn’t just wake up one day and win the race. They put in the miles! Their weekly mileage is far greater than mine.
I too can run faster if I put in the time.
Keep on running
If you don’t love to run – try another activity. No, not every run day is wonderful. But when you reflect on how you love to run - the rewards are endless…
Ask any runner to share a funny story, and they will. The one about a clinging dryer sheet or an inside out shirt. Runners do have a sense of humor!
"Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully." – Max Eastman
Don’t get trapped on treadmill of serious running. Take a day off for yourself. Clear your mind of how fast, or how far - just run.
(I compare it to ~ going for a ride.) It has a very tranquil effect on your character.
Try it – no one will know but you.