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Tuesday, September 29

Fall Race Report

If the air is cool but most of the leaves are still green – Is it still Fall?
Yes, it was a spectacular day for the Fall Festival Run.
It’s a 50 mile drive to Corvallis – So we headed out early - early enough to take in the sunrise…


I felt strong and awake – might have been the illicit half cup of joe I drank.
I know one thing for sure, running a flat 5k is a whole lot easier that a hilly Trail race.


The course crossed through the Oregon State University campus. Scenic, but involved plenty of sidewalk running :0

Where's my chip?

The 5 K Winner was Benjamin True A23y M1/21m Eugene OR 14:14
That’s a 4:35 pace!
I, surprisingly, placed. (Well - there were only 400 runners in the 5k.)

Favorite Shirt Quote:
Ride High (?/?)

Race Chatter:
Runner #1 –“My IT Band burns every time I race.
Runner #2 “Why?”
Runner #1 “I don’t know…”

Post Race Snacks:

Starbucks and a shared Noah’s Blueberry Bagel.

Goody Bag:
From Strands – My dog checking it out.
(I always cut her ears off...)

Goodie Bag