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Saturday, November 14

How Has Your Running Changed as You've Aged?

I have been simmering over this article for the last month, and I'm still having a hard time formulating a remark. Did it make me feel better or worse?
Should I throw in the towel?
Give up doing races?

In this article in the WSJ - Older, Wiser, Slower. The writer shares his reason for slowing down. (A Cardiologist told him, “…keep your heart rate below 120.")
He gives example of athletes who have made adjustments but he did not elaborate on their happiness...

“If your have to go as fast at 50 as you did at 20, you will grind yourself into the ground.” – Mark Allen
In the article's side bar:
How has your athletic activity changed as you've aged?

Reader’s comments:
  • “Trained every day - 50+ miles per week. Now I realize that this was killing my spirit to enjoy running, etc. I am more laid back and don't care if a friend beats me in a 5k”
  • “…count every healthy day as a blessing.”
  • “There's a middle zone you need to find, which is little beyond what's comfortable, but not miserable for you.”
My Comments:
  • I can still run fast but not for the same distances.
  • It takes weeks not days to recover from a race.
  • I need to warm up and yes some days it takes 20 minutes.
  • I feel stiff – I’m forced to warm up before I take off.
  • When I push myself at the end of a race I feel horrible.
  • Instead of celebrating a PR, I beat myself up for not going faster.
If this sounds like runner burn-out, you’re wrong. It’s a fact of life - unless you’ve found some magical Sports Drink.
No matter what you do - your body still has an expiry date.

How has your running changed as you've aged?