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Tuesday, November 10

Burpee Try-outs

When the gym I belonged to closed I swore I would never get wired into a gym membership again.
But I do occasionally drop into the community gym. (Despite the sucky equipment.) For variety, I have outfitted my office with plenty of equipment I use. Including bands, free weights, kettlebells, and my ball.
Despite this stuff I am always on the look-out for new ways to strengthen up. Which lead me to CrossFit. They have a lot of workout material online (including videos) and are wizards at providing variety.
Just check out one of their WOD.
A popular workout is the Burpee.

And there are many variants to this one routine:

  • No-pushup burpee
  • Non-jump burpee
  • Long-jump burpee
  • Jump-tack burpee
  • Jump-over burpee
  • One-armed burpee (Holy crap)
I was only able to perform 5 of these in sequence before my shoulder strength gave out. But impressed with the full body workout. Conclusion – a great workout!
(For instruction examples see YouTube Body Building or visit a local CrossFit.)
The Burpee was supposedly named after a person - Lieutenant Thomas Burpee (1757-1839) of the American Revolution. -Wiki