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Thursday, November 5

How Many Socks?

My new best friends – Wigwams!

I originally bought these for my first trail run. I wanted a cushiony sock that covered the ankles. Most of the trail socks have wool in them.
Wool = itchiness - > me!
Unfortunately, these wool free socks ended up being too thick for my Pegs.
When the cooler weather arrived, I dug them out and slipped them on.
Buttery soft with steadfast warmth. I never take them off!
(Well...just to wash 'em.)

Sock Trivia:

  • By 1,000 AD, socks became a symbol of wealth among the nobility. (Wiki)
  • Socks are foot specific. Huh, no one told me that…
  • Some people run in socks. They call them Vibram.