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Thursday, April 29

The Finish Line

Finish line Eugene Marathon
The Eugene Marathon (May 2 2010)

My physical training is done; now to deal with the mental stuff that fills every waking moment.

“You’re not running fast enough to get in under 2 hours.”
“This will be the first race I DNF!”
“You're over dressing – I will be the only runner in long sleeves.” Ect, etc
So starting today I’m going stop and ask myself, “Is this thought empowering or disempowering?”
Obviously claiming a DNF is defeating the purpose for even running the race. This is just crazy thinking. I’ve run this distance before and know I could even run further if I slowed down.
So instead, I will picture Scott Jurek and remember this line –
“Running fast and running far is not about winning. It's not about money. It's not even about suffering, or redemption. It's about discovery.”
Self-talk is a very powerful way to transform negative thoughts.

What are you thinking about just before a big race?

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