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Thursday, May 27

The Warm Up

It takes me about 20 minutes of running before my
stride, breathing and heartbeat are all in synch.
My typical pre-run perfunctory rituals include:
(On regular days – not race days.)

  • Lateral shuffle – both sides 40 feet.
  • Walking lunges while lifting arms over head.
  • Walk for about 5 minutes. (I use to walk for 10 but who has time for that?)
  • Run slow for about a mile.
After reading a few articles online about warm-up; I wonder if I’m doing enough?

ZappoMan use a Dynamic warm-up routine which includes:
Heel walking, toe walking (ouch), hurtle stepping, skipping, lunges, strides, and grapevines.(Practice this one at home before you head out on the street.)

Then there’s this British fellow – Mike on YouTube . He walks - runs around first and then stops to work on his shoulders, does some twists, and pelvis circles (I kid you not); Finishing off with squats and kicks.

I really do need to revamp my pre-run routine.

What do you guys do before a regular run?

PS. This book looks excellent!
Runner's World The Runner's Body: How the Latest Exercise Science Can Help You Run Stronger, Longer, and Faster