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Tuesday, August 17

Earbud Review

After years and years of running with music in my ears, I consider myself an authority on what works – and what doesn’t!

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The folks over at yurbuds were generous enough to send me a pair of their latest earbuds to try out and review. (Thanks again Mike.) They say their product will stay in place despite the sweat and sound great while working out.”
I took them out on a short run this morning. Despite looking quite large, they were easy to slip into my ear. [Before you purchase a pair from them they photo measure your ear. I’m a size 6, not sure if that’s a big or little ear?]

What Works:
  • I was surprised to find they had a great sound despite the silicone cover.
  • They were very comfortable – like nothing in your ear!
  • Secure – they did not budge when I turned my head or adjusted the cord.
  • And did I mention; "They sound great!"

What Doesn’t?
  • For me the cord was a little longer that I was used to. But this might be a plus for other runners.
  • Because they fit snuggly – I began to imagine my ears were heating up… (Probably just a phase I’m going through…)
  • They do cancel out more background sounds then regular iPod buds. I like to hear the traffic when I’m running on the streets.

I will definitely be using these for travel, the gym and when I run off road. And I look forward to winter days when these buds will provide extra protection from the cold and rain!

Yurbuds has kindly provided me with an extra pair to give away. Please leave a comment mentioning your all-time favorite running tune. (I will us a random generator to pick.)