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Friday, May 16

Asleep At The Gym

I looked at the player which sat naked in my hand, the ear phones were missing…
This should make for an interesting workout – no diversions just workout.
I actually worked each muscle set more vigorously as my focus was on my reps.
Everything was all fine until I jumped on the treadmill!

  • 2 minutes – Wishing I wore my glasses so I could read all the small print.
  • 10 minutes – The people beside me are talking about roasting a pig. And I don’t want to hear anything about it.
  • 12 minutes – The sound of the treadmill motor is putting me asleep. White Noise Trance.
  • 17 minutes – Watching the fitness class in the pool. Even the lifeguard looks board.
  • 25 minutes – Decide to do a heart rate test to see what percentile I’m in. Using the BIG CHART on the wall...HR 120 – upped the ramp.
  • 30 minutes – trying not to look at the Hot Tub. It’s so damn warm in here!
  • 35 minutes – Getting off NOW. Mildly impressed that I lasted that long!
Have a great weekend and don’t forget your ear phones!

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