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Saturday, June 14

My Own Formula

Overheard in the change room, ”I’m taking this week off – I'm so damn busy – no time to run. I’ll start up again next week.”

In retrospect – I have never taken a week off. I am very critical of my own actions. The self punishment for NOT working out would be far more severe than struggling through a workout...

My Own Formula

  • Run or cross train every second day.
  • Run for health and fitness – not injury.
  • Enter races – grow stronger with the challenges.
  • Take walking breaks if needed. “Walk breaks allow you to take control over fatigue.”
  • See nature – run outside. Be an ingredient of the planet – not just the human race.
  • After running, relax and stretch – even if it’s just 5 minutes. Take one of those minutes to be mindful.
  • Strive to be fearless. .. (I work on this daily.)

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